Foundation Repair in Richmond Tx 77469

Posted by Eric Christie // October 3, 2017

ENC Properties LLC has added Home Inspection services to their expertise for anyone needing to know more about the condition of a home (especially foundation repair).  Eric Christie is a licensed Professional Home Inspector who can provide customized home inspections for each client.  We have availability this week, so call us today at 281-783-3030 to […]

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Why Sell Your Home to an Investors?

Posted by Eric Christie // February 2, 2017

  ENC Properties LLC markets using online sources to advertise our company services.  Under one of our ads, a homeowner asked “why sell your home to an investors?”  Because it is our business, we are very familiar with the pros of selling a home to an investor.  In my humble opinion, I feel there are […]

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Sell My Home Fast! Call ENC Properties Today!

Posted by Eric Christie // January 12, 2017

Sell My Home Fast Selling your home will be a big decision and preparation is required.  We spoke with a homeowner who wanted to “Sell My Home Fast”, but were unsure if they wanted to try and market the home on the MLS or to sell it to an investor.  Timing was important to them, so […]

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Budget Friendly Home Improvements

Posted by Eric Christie // December 28, 2016

Home Marketing Improvements ENC Properties has met with homeowners in many situations.  In most cases, homeowners wanted to sell their home for the best price with the least amount of headaches.  One of those headaches is the requirement to put money into the home to make it more sellable.  Homeowners want Budget Friendly Home Improvements. Do Your […]

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Moving Tips To Reduce Stress

Posted by Eric Christie // December 2, 2016

Tips on moving? Many people need to move their households when the buy and sell their home or moving between rental units.  It is a common activity and one usually enjoyed by no one.  The task of moving can be difficult, time consuming.  But, it doesn’t have to be. Follow the tips outlined below to […]

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Home Buying Considerations

Posted by Eric Christie // November 3, 2016

Someone asked recently what they should look for when home buying.  Well folks, that a very difficult and broad question.  Buying a home is likely the single largest purchase a person makes in their life.  It pays to do some homework up front, maybe start scoping the market and areas to live a few months […]

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Checklist to Sell Your Home

Posted by Eric Christie // October 20, 2016

Want to Sell Your Home? You finally decided to sell your home. If your property is in top notch condition, it can sell on the retail market with a realtor. If the home isn’t in great shape or it is an older home, consider selling to a real estate investor to avoid realtor fees and closing costs.  In […]

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What Your Front Door Color Says About You

Posted by Eric Christie // October 13, 2016

A fun topic for discussion is “What Your Front Door Color Say About You” and applies to home owners or renters. People choose a specific color to visually communicate a message about the home or homeowner. It can be the “door” to your inner personality.     Yellow Front Door “You take it personally when others mock […]

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Upfront Costs to Sell To ENC Properties

Posted by Eric Christie // October 6, 2016

What Are the Upfront Costs to Sell My Home To ENC Properties Homeowners of all walks of life may find themselves in difficult situations where it is financially beneficial to sell the home.   In many cases, the homeowner will be better off financially and can start anew in a new home.  If the home is […]

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Bad Credit vs Home Buying

Posted by Eric Christie // September 29, 2016

Bad Credit vs Home Buying An often asked question to us is how to buy a home when you don’t have great credit.  Everyone in America should know that bad credit affects home  buying.  Bad Credit vs Home Buying is a complicated question to answer as many factors come into play.  If a person has […]

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