Why Sell Your Home to an Investors?

Why Sell Your Home to an Investors?

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ENC Properties LLC markets using online sources to advertise our company services.  Under one of our ads, a homeowner asked “why sell your home to an investors?”  Because it is our business, we are very familiar with the pros of selling a home to an investor.  In my humble opinion, I feel there are strong advantages to selling your home to an investor.

After some careful thought, I collected the top reasons why selling to an investor is a good idea.  Some may seem unimportant.  However, considering the stress of selling a home, help reducing that stress would be welcomed.


Top 10 Reasons to “Why Sell Your Home to an Investor”?

investors top 10 reasons to make the deal

  1. Investors buy homes “As Is”. No need to make repairs or invest additional money into a home. An investor will purchase the home in any condition and are not afraid of dealing with big repairs.
  2. Pay in cash.  Appraisals and home inspections are not needed.
  3. Homes in need of repair might be unsafe or the conditions are unhealthy. An investor deals with those conditions and corrects them after purchase.
  4. Investors pay all closing costs on buying the home. Even costs normally paid for by the seller like title insurance, documentation fees, filing fees, etc.
  5. Investors close on the homeowner’s timeline. Need time to pack up and move to your next home, no problem.  Need to move quickly and get cash, no problem.  A retail buyer may take 60-90 to buy a house.
  6. Investors work directly with the title company, no realtor commissions are involved when working directly with the homeowner.
  7. Investors have a network of business partners and contacts. Need help moving, investors can help.  Need help finding your next home, investors can help.  Investors can help with most situations.
  8. Investors can negotiate with lenders if you’re facing foreclosure. We can help stop the process which will allow the homeowner to stay in the home a few more months.  Selling the home to the investor will keep that foreclosure off your credit.
  9. Investors buy houses with a simple & fast process.
  10. Provid
    A handshake with investors & signatures seals the deal

    Get It Sold

    e offers in 24-48 hours and because we buy “As Is”, we have a very high closure rate when buying properties.

Comments to Keep In Mind

It is also important to note there are many reasons properties fail to close.  Investors buy “As Is” which means the reasons a retail buyer will back out of a deal don’t bother an investor.  Investors close on the deal.



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